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PITHY QUOTE FROM Plotinus: Enneads

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If they meant, by temperate living and an appropriate régime, they would be right and in accordance with all sound knowledge. But they assert diseases to be Spirit-Beings and boast of being able to expel them by formula: this pretension may enhance their importance with the crowd, gaping upon the powers of magicians; but they can never persuade the intelligent that disease arises otherwise than from such causes as overstrain, excess, deficiency, putrid decay, in a word some variation whether from within or from without.

The Works of Plotinus, The Second Ennead, IX. Against the Gnostics

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The Enneads of Plotinus

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ISBN: 978-1-57085-085-1

Language: English

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Plotinus. Head in white marble. One of four replicas which were all discovered in Ostia. The identification as Plotinus is plausible but not proven. Ostiense Museum, Ostia Antica, Rome

List of Contents

Author / Creator: Plotinus.
MacKenna, Stephen, Translator
Published: London, Faber and Faber, 1917-1930, 1956.

1. The First Ennead
2. The Second Ennead
3. The Third Ennead
4. The Fourth Ennead
5. The Fifth Ennead
6. The Sixth Ennead

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