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De Sevrac had so long borne a load of calamities, that his strength of mind could scarcely endure their least accumulation; for, it is a strange caprice of nature, that, by repetition, the most refined pleasures produce satiety, their sameness rendering them insipid, and less capable of exciting sensation; while pangs are perpetually new; and the throb of anguish becomes more acute, with every augmentation of suffering.

The Works of Mary Robinson. Hubert de Sevrac, A Romance, of the Eighteenth Century (1796), Volume II

The Works of Mary Robinson. Electronic Edition. book cover

The Works of Mary Robinson. Electronic Edition.

ISBN: 978-1-57085-062-2

Language: English

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Detail: Mrs Robinson. Portrait by Sir Joshua Reynolds, c. 1784

List of Contents

Robinson, Mary. The Works of Mary Robinson. General editor, William D Brewer. Volume editors: Hester Davenport, Daniel Robinson, Sharon M Setzer, Julie A Shaffer, Orianne Smith and Dawn Vernooy-Epp. 8 vols. Part I, vols. 1-4. Part II, vols. 5-8. London: Pickering & Chatto, 2009-2010.

  • Vol. 1. Poems. Edited by Daniel Robinson
  • Vol. 2. Poems (continued). Edited by Daniel Robinson; Vancenza; or, The Dangers of Credulity (1792); The Widow; or, A Picture of Modern Times (1794). Edited by Dawn M. Vernooy-Epp
  • Vol. 3. Angelina; A Novel (1796). Edited by Sharon M. Setzer
  • Vol. 4. Hubert de Sevrac, A Romance, of the Eighteenth Century (1796). Edited by Orianne Smith
  • Vol. 5. Walsingham; or, The Pupil of Nature: A Domestic Story (1797). Edited by William D. Brewer
  • Vol. 6. The False Friend: A Domestic Story (1799). Edited by Julie A Shaffer
  • Vol. 7. The Natural Daughter. With Portraits of the Leadenhead Family. A Novel (1799); Memoirs of Mrs Mary Robinson; Letters from Mary Robinson. Edited by Hester Davenport
  • Vol. 8. The Lucky Escape (1778); Impartial Reflections on the Present Situation of the Queen of France (1791); Nobody, a Comedy in Two Acts (performed 1794); The Sicilian Lover (1796); A Letter to the Women of England (1799); “The Sylphid Essays,” Morning Post (October 1799 - February 1800); “Present State of the Manners, Society, Etc. Etc. of the Metropolis of England,” Monthly Magazine (1800); “Memoirs and Anecdotes of Eminent Persons,” Monthly Magazine (1800); “Biographical Sketches” (1800–1801); “Jasper” (1801). Edited by William D. Brewer and Sharon M. Setzer

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