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Sed omnia præclara tam difficilia, quàm rara sunt.

Benedict de Spinoza: Opera. Ethica, Propositio XLII

Benedict de Spinoza: Opera. Electronic Edition. book cover

Benedict de Spinoza: Opera. Electronic Edition.

ISBN: 978-1-57085-509-2

Language: Latin and Dutch

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Benedict de Spinoza. Oil on canvas, 1665-1670. Attributed to Samuel van Hoogstraten.

List of Contents

Benedict de Spinoza: Opera contains the complete works of Spinoza in Latin and Dutch, based on a corrected version of the authoritative edition of Carl Gebhardt.

Spinoza, Benedictus de. Opera, im auftrag der Heidelberger akademie der wissenschaften herausgegeben. Edited by Carl Gebhardt. Heidelberg: C. Winter, 1925.

  • Vol. 1:

    • Korte Verhandeling Van God/De Mensch En Des Zelfs Welstand
    • Renati Des Cartes Principiorum Philosophiæ pars I. & II. Cogitata Metaphysica
    • Cogitata Metaphysica Appendix, Continens Cogitata Metaphysica, In Quibus Difficiliores, Quæ In Metaphysices Tam Parte Generali, Quam Speciali, Circa Ens, Ejusque Affectiones, Deum Ejusque Attributa, & Mentem Humanam Occurrunt, Quæstiones Breviter Explicantur
  • Vol. 2:

    • Tractatus De Intellectus Emendatione
    • Ethica
  • Vol. 3:

    • Tractatus Theologico-politicus
    • Adnotationes Ad Tractatum Theologico-politicum
    • Tractatus Politicus
  • Vol. 4:

    • Epistolæ
    • Stelkonstige Reeckening Van Den Regenboog/Reeckening Van Kanssen.
    • Reeckening Van Kanssen

I think the material you are producing is absolutely brilliant. In fact it is so helpful in dealing with historical material that I am now much more inclined to lecture on the great dead philosophers than I ever was before . . . .

—Dr. W. H. Newton-Smith
Balliol College
Oxford University