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Of the online vendors I deal with, you stand at the top for pragmatism, a sensible model, and responsiveness. Close quotes

—Joseph Jones
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Koerner Library, University of British Columbia

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Below, find regularly updated links to current writing on the state of digital humanities. Click a month/year to see posts for that time period.

July 2015

Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) — A Brief Update

Repost: Conferences and Crisis

Analogue Humanities?

Job: Associate Director for Technology and Digital Strategies, UT-Austin

Job: Digital Library Data Curation Developer, University of Notre Dame

Job: DH Research Coordinator at Ghent University

Editors’ Choice: The Art of DH

Editors’ Choice: Reflections on Digital Art History

RECOMMENDED: Humanities Data: A Necessary Contradiction

POST: Acceptances to Digital Humanities 2015 (series)

POST: Digital Manuscripts as Critical Edition

RESOURCE: Modelling the (Inter)national Printmaking Networks of Early Modern Europe

CFP: Critical Data Studies

JOB: Digital Projects Manager, Montana Historical Society

The art of DH: Reflections on an ARLIS/NA 2015 workshop

June 2015

Editors’ Choice: DH in the US: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Job: Research Fellow in Digital Humanities/History, University of Sussex

Resource: Visual Correspondence: Analysing Letters through Data Visualisation

Editors’ Choice: Humanities Data: A Necessary Contradiction

The Case of the Missing Faces

dh+lib/DHIG/ADHO Libraries and Digital Humanities SIG Meetup at DH2015

It's Time for Some Gratuitous EdTech!

Humanities Data: A Necessary Contradiction

POST: Text Capture and Optical Character Recognition 101

RESOURCE: Modern Language Association CORE (Commons Open Repository Exchange)

CFP: DH and Media Studies – Teaching Media

Humanities Unbound: Supporting Careers and Scholarship Beyond the Tenure Track

Summary of FSDW 2015, Critical Studies group, Irene Sotiropoulou

Looking for achievement systems/badges awarded to teams

Why Start With Pedagogy? 4 Good Reasons, 4 Good Solutions

FDSW Wrap-up

Happy Digital Bloom’s Day!

FSDW15 Wrap

The Many & the One

On Radical Interdisciplinarity

Frost FSDW15 Wrap-Up

Tara Schultz as Case Study: The Digital Illiteracy of Digital Natives

FSDW15 wrap-up

FSDW15 WrapUp: Emily Kugler

May 2015

Google Fusion Table Basics with IU’s Cushman Collection

Academic Credibility and Commercially-Run Scientific Journals

April 2015

A fun way to introduce DH students to dataviz

After Print: Manuscripts in the Eighteenth Century

February 2015

March 9th Bodleian Libraries Hosts EEBO-TCP Hackfest

January 2015

Call for Abstracts: Scholarship, Print, and Polemics in Seventeenth-Century Germany

Hackathon on Police Brutality, Feb. 14 at UCLA

December 2014

Photography and the limits of empathy: Reading Garner and Brown through Saidiya Hartman

November 2014

Getting started with Palladio

October 2014

New course for winter: Selfies, Snapchat, and Cyberbullies: Coming of Age Online

September 2014

Here and There: Creating DH Community

Frequently asked questions about lobotomy

August 2014

Digital Diversity 2015: Writing|Feminism|Culture

April 2014

National Library Week: Free Access to OUP online resources

Universal Short Title Catalog (USTC)

March 2014

Folger Digital Texts Now Online (and Other March Announcements)