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Of the online vendors I deal with, you stand at the top for pragmatism, a sensible model, and responsiveness. Close quotes

—Joseph Jones
Librarian Emeritus
Koerner Library, University of British Columbia

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Below, find regularly updated links to current writing on the state of digital humanities. Click a month/year to see posts for that time period.

June 2017

Job: Three Postdocs in Digital Humanities, University of Helsinki

Job: Digital Curation Coordinator at UW–Madison

Job: Digital Scholarship Specialist, UNC Chapel Hill

dh+lib/DHIG Meetup at DHSI 2017

Announcement: NEH Object Lessons Workshop

Editors’ Choice: Indie, Open, Free: The Fraught Ideologies of Ed-Tech

Editors’ Choice: Open Stacks: Making DH Labor Visible

What I’m Reading This Summer: Lydia Willoughby

Open Stacks: Making DH Labor Visible

May 2017

We’ll Be Back!

Editors’ Choice: Settlement and Removal – Poor Relief and Exclusion in 18th-century London

Job: North-West University, Associate Professor/Professor -Digital Humanities

Conference: Free workshop(s), Hosted by MITH

Farewell to dh+lib Review Editor Caro Pinto, and Thank You!

CFParticipation: Introducing the DLF Metadata Support Group

JOB: Digital Collections Program Manager, Harvard University

JOB: Global Digital Humanities Librarian, Ohio State University

POST: Automating Digital Archival Processing at Johns Hopkins University (post updated)

POST: High-powered computing: It’s not just for astrophysics anymore

RESOURCE: Writing an extension to add new GREL functions to OpenRefine

RECOMMENDED: What Libraries Did with Google Books

March 2017

Co-designing Playlists, XPs, and Badges with Youth

Helping to launch a science career

Playlist Design: Creating Partnerships and Getting Feedback

Using Lightroom to Make Your Images Work for You

Tressie McMillan Cottom Kills It on on Daily Show

Data Visualization: Introduction to Shiny Web Applications

Recapping the IMS Global Summit on Digital Credentials and Badges

February 2017

The Counted Cytoscape network

Technical Issues with Network Analysis on Police Brutality

Free Access to the Women Writers Online for March

Network Analysis with The Counted

Twitter-Analytical Algorithm

Working as a teammate

Final Project - Commencement Speeches

Twitter Project Journey

Dartmouth Commencement Speech Project Reflection

DH Project: Twitter Analysis on Attitudes Toward Racial Relations

Final Project Reflections

Reflections on Twitter Analysis

Reflections on Group Project

Project Reflection

Background on Contrapuntos IV project (revista literaria bilingüe)

Network as a Graph

First playtest of the alpha

HASTAC 2017 Call for Panelists | Building a Feminist Future: On (Digital) Pedagogical Praxis

Spring 2017 Digital Project Review No.1: Marco Basile's review of "The Liberated Africans"

Review: “‘She Wrote It, But…’: Erasures, Recoveries, and the Futures of Women’s Book History,” November 2016 Symposium, Texas A&M

January 2017

NEH-Funded KairosCamp Institutes

December 2016

Teaching Digital Computation?

October 2016

Mediate: Identifying the real bestsellers of the 18th century

September 2016

BSECS Prize for Best 18th-C. Digital Resource

Mapping Frances Burney’s Evelina

August 2016

WWP Intertextual Networks Seeking Collaborators

July 2016

Humanities Scholars Interested in Digital Publishing: A National Survey

New tutorials on network analysis with Cytoscape

June 2016

New book chapter

May 2016

NEH Digging into Data Challenge

April 2016

Materials on Image-Mining for Medical History

March 2016

Money and Time

December 2015

A better way to teach technical skills to a group

October 2015

Rehabbing DH101

September 2015

The (sort-of) selfies class

August 2015

What’s in your conference travel bag?

“Stronger and Whiter Light Down Deeper and Darker Holes”: Jacob Sarnoff and the Strange World of Anatomical Filmmaking

July 2015

What’s Next: The Radical, Unrealized Potential of Digital Humanities